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Photovoltaic Systems - 4/7/2015

Photovoltaic Systems relies on sunlight to produce electricity using PV cells mounted on the surface and connected to the in-verter using DC cables and connectors, which converts the DC power to alternative power to be used in the utility.


Productivity period of the Photovoltaic systems

The standard warranty period extends to 25 years, but its expected to be more than that.


  • Expected Payback Period (ROI)

For PV projects the capital return of invest-ment period is 3-6 years.


  • Excess power produced

In the case of over-production the energy is fed back to the electricity Grid through the use of net-metering system which calculates the amount consumed and subtracts the amount produced.


  • Free design of the PV systems

TECCo. Pledges to provide the design and fea-sibility study for free for limited time to study the possibility of installation of PV systems in your house and utility.


  • System orientation

South oriented PV system may receive highest possible energy.


  • System installation angle

The optimum installation angle for Jordan is between 25-30 degrees.


  • Battery use in the PV system

In case of Grid connected systems, batteries are not used in the system.


  • Connecting the PV system to the Grid
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