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Al-Arabia Assan Factory for Sandwich Panels
Client: KIBBAR Holding
Consultant: DARB (Design Associates and Research Bureau)
Area: 10000 m2 (Hangar) 40000 m2 of site plan
Completion Date: 2013


Amongst the diverse portfolio of KIBAR HOLDING, ASSAN Panel Industries Inc. is considered to be an important and fast growing segment. Assan Panel started manufacturing polyurethane-filled sandwich panels at its Tuzla facilities in 1990. By 2009, Assan panel expanded to Iskenderun and Balıkesir with a total annual sandwich panel production capacity of 9,500,000 m2. Leading the industry in Turkey ASSAN Panel Industries exports to 32 countries including Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Albania, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Macedonia, Kosovo, Egypt, Iran, Tajikistan and Ethiopia. Assan Panel also has international authorized dealers in Iraq, Bulgaria, Syria, Cyprus, Romania, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the UAE.

In 2012 KIBAR HOLDING choose Jordan to be the location of a new world class factory that will increase its global market share , support and enhance growth its growth. TECCO with its family of highly competent professionals, cross industry expertise and rigorous construction management approach was the choice of preference amongst many top Jordanian contracting companies for KIBAR HOLDING.


Electrical Scope of Work


For the Power system of the factory the following items were supplied, installed tested and commissioned successfully:


  •  Main Distribution Board (MDB) and Power Correction Factor Panel (PCF) to cover total loads requirements with 1500 kW.
  • Secondary Main Distribution Boards (SMDB) to feed production area machines with 780 kW.
  • Emergency Secondary Distribution boards (ESMDB) to feed vital loads in the factory with 145 kW from main power in normal cases and from generator in case of main power loss.
  • 200 KVA standby generator and ATS set.
  • 40 KVA uninterruptable power supply (UPS) to provide very important loads with power in case of main power loss and/or generator failure.
  • Various other distribution boards.
  • All the accompanying accessories and necessary fixtures including cables, isolators, switches, sockets (normal and industrial) and other accessories to provide all the loads with power as per standards, specifications and to the best quality possible.


Another vital system in an industrial facility is the lighting system, TECCO has supplied, installed tested and commissioned the following:


  • 250 units of 2x80 W florescent industrial lighting fixtures covering the production area.
  • 600 units of different lighting fixtures covering administration building, offices and service areas.
  • 80  external security lights around the external walls of the factory with two photo cells to automatically control the operation of the lights during day and night hours.
  • 2 lighting control panels with push buttons to control the operation of lighting fixtures within different zones and patterns.


The following low current systems were also supplied, installed tested and commissioned:


  •  Digital Telephone system.
  • Data system including a wireless internet network and wireless access points.
  • CCTV system fully covering the vicinity internally and externally with 9 IP fixed cameras and 4 PTZ IP cameras and the supporting NVR.


Lightning protection systems are necessary for such facilities, TECCO has supplied, installed tested and commissioned a faraday cage system consisting of:

  • Large protection grid covering the hangar roof with 750 m of 3x25 mm copper tape and 26 air copper rods.
  • 26 earthing manholes with copper ground rods.
  • Down copper tape conductors connecting air rods with ground rods.


As for the earthing system the following was supplied, installed tested and commissioned:


  • Copper bond ring all around factory hangar area.
  • Earthing system for main distribution power.
  • Earthing system for emergency distribution board and standby generator.
  • Earthing system for telephone and data systems.


As for the access management system all the necessary power and control first and second fix where installed turnstile entrance gates and gate barriers.


Mechanical scope of work

HVAC and Exhaust system works included supplying, installing testing and commissioning the following:


  • 29 Train AC units (casset type).
  • Ducting network of metal sheets approximately 2000 KG with air outlets and air terminals (volume dampers, fire dampers and gravity dampers).
  • 9 exhaust fans.


Firefighting system included supplying, installing testing and commissioning the following:


  • Three wilo pumps (main electrical fire pump, jockey pump and diesel pump with Firefighting floating base for the pumps).
  • Control panel for the firefighting pumps.
  • Siamese connection.
  • 4 Fire hydrants.
  • 14 Fire hose cabinet.
  • 150 mm External Seamless black steel pipe network of 600 m length.
  • 50 mm internal Seamless black steel pipe network of 500 m length.
  • The works also included chemical treatment of the firefighting system.


Drainage system  included supplying, installing testing and commissioning the following:


  • Steel trenches for storm drainage system.
  • 200 mm and 315 mm UPVC pipes for storm drainage network of 1000 m of length.
  • 240,000 Liters Concrete storm water collection tank with all necessary isolation works.
  • Two Grundfus submersible pumps for the storm drainage system.
  • 110 mm UPVC pipe for internal drainage network.


Water supply system  included supplying, installing testing and commissioning the following:


  •  75000 Liters GRB water tank with all necessary accessories such as electronic floats, mechanical floats and transmitter sensors for the automation of operations and dry run protection of the pumps.
  • A Grundfus Domestic cold water pump and a Grundfus domestic hot water pump.
  • 75, 50 and 40 mm PPR pipe water supply network of 800 m of length with isolating and balancing valves.
  • 10 Water cabinets.
  •  Including sanitary fixtures such as : 13 WCs with flush valve(slon valves) , 18 counter top wash basins, 6 shower head with trays, one emergency shower with eye wash.


Compressed air system  included supplying, installing testing and commissioning the following:

  • Air compressor 69L per second with 2 m3 air tank.
  • Galvanized steel 50, 40, 32, 25, 15 mm pipe network of 180 m of length including air outlets.


LPG system  included supplying, installing testing and commissioning the following:

  • Isolated 15 mm Copper pipe network with all necessary fittings and valves.


Irrigation network system  included supplying, installing testing and commissioning the following:


  • Water pump and control panel with PPR pipe network for irrigation and irrigation water tapes. 


Solar system  included supplying, installing testing and commissioning the following:


  • 5 solar collectors.
  • Heat exchanger tank for the system with safety valve.
  • 9 Kw auxiliary electrical water heater.
  •  Circulation pump.
  • Control panel.
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